A place to belong and grow.

Faith Baptist Church is a welcoming intergenerational church that strives to create uplifting community and provide high-quality Bible teaching that matters in everyday life.

We are imperfect people with messiness in our lives, just like everyone else. Our faith in Jesus Christ gives us hope for new life when we fall short, and inspires us to have love and compassion for those around us. We believe that following Jesus offers us a path to a fulfilling life for today, and to the hope of eternal life for tomorrow.

Faith Baptist Church is a member of the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada, a family of over four hundred evangelical churches across the Atlantic Provinces with a desire to join God in changing Atlantic Canada one neighbourhood at a time.


299 Stokil Drive, Lr. Sackville, Nova Scotia


Sunday Services: 10:30 am


We’re still fine-tuning our service recording process, but this recent Sunday sermon is available to listen or download below. Click here to see our recent archive for older messages.